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12.09.2001, 13:42
Hello, how are you?
I am looking for a solution to a problem i have encountered with excel97 date formats. if i type a date into a cell (dd.mm.yy),excel automatically uses a user-defined format (dd.mm.yyyy) which i cannot seem to get rid of. i cannot delete this format from even though it does not seem to a 'factory setting' as not all workstations in the office have it in the format dialog box. when older documents are opened, which were definitely created withh dd.mm.yy fromat, they are suddenly changed to dd.mm.yyyy user-defined format. this results in date cells in spreadsheets being filled by '####' as the columns are then too narrow for the date. i have tried uninstalling, reinstalling, running all possible service pack patches but nothing seems to help. this problem also appears on workstations running excel2000. i haven't been able to observe any pattern, system or structure to this phenemena. it is on some workstations and not on others. sometimes excel 97 sometimes 2000. i can't find any documentation, patches or articles relating to thius problem. cany you help me out please.
thankyou very much.

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12.09.2001, 14:19
Hello signor.rossi,

you will find the solutions at Start -> settings -> control panel -> regional settings. At the tab Date you can change the short-date-format to "mm.dd.yy". But it will effect to all other Windows-Applications.


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