Vollständige Version anzeigen : Microsoft Security Info vom 25.04.2004

Günther Kramer
25.04.2005, 09:57
This Alert is to make you aware of a new Microsoft Knowledge Base Article that has been published.

Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 898060 outlines a very specific and limited situation where disruptions in network connectivity may be experienced after the installation of either security update MS05-019 or Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1).

Specifically, the information in this article primarily applies to WAN and LAN configurations and scenarios where routers and data-link level protocols that have different Maximum Transmission Units (MTUs) are used across the network.

In these situations, any one or more of the following symptoms may occur:

- Inability to connect to terminal servers or to file share access.
- Failure of domain controller replication across WAN links.
- Microsoft Exchange servers cannot connect to domain controllers.

The Knowledge Base Article provides information about a hotfix which is now available to address these issues.

The Knowledge Base Article can be found here:

Note that the Master Knowledge Base Article for MS05-019 will be updated to reference this article. the Master Knowledge Base Article for MS05-019 is located here:

If you have any questions regarding this alert please contact your Technical Account Manager or Application Development Consultant.

Thank you,
Microsoft PSS Security Team